2017 Conference (archive)

The 2017 conference has been completed.  It was a great success.  Please join us next year on July 13, 14, and 15, 2018. 


JULY 13, 14, 15, 2018

at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus 

Please announce this date at your clubs, post it on your websites and Facebook pages. 
Pass this on to other photo enthusiasts. Thank you.

Please note that we put (posted) after items as they are posted to help you differentiate
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  • Model Photography Information

    • 2017 Model Photo Competition (posted - OPEN FOR ENTRY
      • Photos for the Models Portfolios may be sent directly to the email addresses that will be posted with their photos on the Campus Center lower level next to model room 176. For questions please email Chairman Skip Hoyt, MNEC at skiphoto@comcast.net 
    • 2017 Model Photo Contest winning images (posted after the conference, around November 2017)
    • For Models
      • For questions please email Chairman Skip Hoyt, MNEC at skiphoto@comcast.net 

    • Photographic Trade Show (posted)
      • NEW FOR 2017, The Vendor area Will open at 10am on Friday July 14th 
        • Hunts Photo and Video will open 2 hours early this year with great bargains and early bird specials.
        • Other Vendor’s Opening Times May Vary
        • More Than 30 Vendors with Great Products (Cash or Credit/Debit Cards Accepted)
      • Canon, Fuji, Lensbaby, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Sony, Tamron  at Vendors’ Tables Located in Lower Level of the Campus Center 
    • Door Prize Extravaganza (posted) 
      • Come to the conference and you may go home with a brand new camera or lens as well as many other great prizes from NECCC, our sponsors, and vendors. In the past five conferences our attendees were the recipients of over $50,000 in our door prize extravaganza.  Full prize information will be listed by June 15th.
    • Conference Guidelines (Posted)