Club Services

NECCC™ Club Services Packet

Here is a listing of your club’s guide to participation in all the NECCC activities as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Some sections are for reference; others need to be distributed to the club members responsible for particular activities. If you have any changes to the files on this page, please email Rhonda Cullens at

Table of Contents

  1. President’s Letter
  2. Constitution and By-Laws
  3. NECCC Camera Club Roster downloadable file: Excel PDF (be sure to refresh your screen)
    1. Membership chairman: Barbara Rozavsky, HonNEC,
    2. **These lists are for NECCC use only** No solicitation please.
  4. Webmaster & Blogmaster Page
  5. Application for Courtesy Enrollment (Currently not available)
  6. Judges and Speakers Listings
    1. Judge Application Form
    2. List of Judges
    3. Speaker Application Form
    4. List of Speakers
  7. Interclub Print Competition (Currently not available)
  8. Individual Print Competition
  9. Individual Print Competition - Schedule & Rules & Guidelines
  10. Digital Interclub Competition
  11. Best of NECCC Prints Show (Currently not available)
  12. Recorded Programs (Being updated)
  13. Recorded Commentary Service
  14. NECCC Honors (Deadline April 1st)
  15. General Operating Fund
  16. Memorial Fund
  17. Scholarship Application Form (Deadline April 1st)
  18. High School Student Conference Guest (Currently not available)
  19. Drop-In Artwork
  20. NECCC Bulletin, Social Media, Facebook
  21. Annual Report of Activities and Services
  22. Officers & Committee VPs
  23. NECCC Club Dues & Fee Structure
  24. NECCC Annual Club Dues Invoice (Due by October 12th)
  25. New Member Info, downloadable file Word or PDF
  26. Print Circuit Information (Currently not available)
  27. Other
    1. Keeping Clubs Active User Group
    2. Miniseries
    3. Conferences
    4. Digital Interclub Gallery – All Photos 2018-2023

*Please note that some items have a deadline, and some items need attention well before the actual deadline.


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