Club Services

NECCC 2022 75th Annual Photo conference 
July 15, 16, 17, 2022 
Please announce this conference at each meeting 
**Note: The 75th this summer will be the last in-person Conference, we hope that you join us!**
Please post it on your websites & Facebook pages  & Pass this on to other photo enthusiasts. 
Thank you!

Club Services Packet
Here is a listing of your club’s guide to participation in all the NECCC activities as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.  Included are some suggestions as to when the various sections need to be attended to.  Some sections are for reference; others need to be distributed to the several club members responsible for particular activities. If you have any changes to the files on this page please email Rhonda Cullens at  

The 75th NECCC Conference will be held from July 15-17 of this year. This will be the last in-person Conference. Read more

Table of Contents and Timetable
  1. President’s Letter (Updated annually)
  2. Constitution and By-Laws (Reference)
  3. NECCC Camera Club Roster downloadable file: Excel PDF 
    1. (Updated by Maureen Mathieson, MNEC as needed, Please send changes to Maureen; uploaded by Pam Lintner
    2. **These lists are for NECCC use only** No solicitation please. 
      1. If you are a vendor interested in attending our conference as a vendor please email for information. 
      2. If you are a speaker interested in presenting at NECCC member clubs please see #6 below and submit your programs to the speaker List 
      3. If you are a speaker interested in presenting at the NECCC conference please send in your program idea here:
  4. Webmaster & Blogmaster Page (Updated annually)
  5. Application for Courtesy Enrollment (updated annually; deadline extended to April 1, 2022)
  6. Judges and Speakers Listings
    1. New Judge and/or Speaker Application Form (Updated Annually)
    2. Judges List (Updated as needed - usually monthly)
    3. Speakers List (Updated as needed - usually monthly)
  7. Interclub Print Competition Schedule (Updated as needed)
  8. Monochrome Interclub Competition Print Interclub Competition
    1. Monochrome Print Competition Rules (Updated as needed)
    2. Monochrome Print Entry Forms (Updated as needed)
  9. Color Print Interclub Competition
    1. Color Print Competition Rules (Updated annually)
    2. Color Print Entry Forms (Updated annually)
  10. Electronic Interclub Competition (Digital) (Updated annually)
  11. Best of NECCC Prints Show (Updated annually)
  12. Recorded Programs (Updated annually)
  13. Recorded Commentary Service (Updated annually)
  14. NECCC Honors  (Updated Annually; deadline extended to April 1, 2022) 
  15. General Operating Fund (Reference, Updated as needed)
  16. Memorial Fund (Reference)
  17. Scholarship Application Form (Updated Annually;  deadline April 1, 2022
  18. High School Student Conference Guest (Annually; deadline extended to April 1, 2022)
  19. Drop-In Artwork (Updated as needed
  20. NECCC-Bulletin-Social-Media (Updated as needed
  21. Annual Report of Activities and Services (Annually, posted)
  22. Officers & Committee VPs (Updated as needed) 
  23. NECCC Club Dues & Fee Structure (Updated as needed)
  24. NECCC Annual Club Dues Invoice (Updated as needed)
  25. New Member Info, downloadable file Word or PDF (Updated as needed)
  26. Circuits
*Please note that some items have a deadline, and some items need attention well before the actual deadline.

NECCC Logo, Drop-in Artwork, & Title Slide

Copy the above logo and paste into your document. 

        You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website.