2018 Conference

Recharge, Reconnect, Learn, and Be Inspired at NECCC 2018
(July 13th 14th 15th 2018) 
Over 65 program sessions to choose from! Most by presenters that have never presented at NECCC
Plus 12 pre-conference workshops and LOTS of hands-on and photo-ops sessions!

July 13, 14, 15, 2018 SAVE the DATE
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  • Program Descriptions and Speakers Biographies (Posted)
  • Speakers' Notes pre-purchase the printed booklet online or via the flyer for the discounted price of $24.72. The link to the electronic copy is also sent to all registrants one week prior to the conference. 

    1. Preconference workshop: “Quick 10 Minute Workflows in Adobe Photoshop CC for Nature Photographers” by Hector D. Astorga (TX) www.hectorastorga.com sponsored by Santa Clara Ranch For all Skill Levels; Bring your laptop, share a laptop or just come and follow along
    2. Pre-conference Workshop: "Innovative Night Techniques: Beyond the Milky Way” By Mark Bowie (MA) www.markbowie.com Sponsored by ADKPI For all Skill Levels; Bring your laptop, share a laptop or just come and follow along 
    3. Pre-conference Workshop: “Digital Artistry with Photoshop” by Ella Carlson (MA) www.ellaprints.com For intermediate to advanced skill levels; Bring your laptop, share a laptop or just come and follow along.
    4. Pre-conference Workshop: “The Joy of Selective Focus” by Kathleen Clemons (ME) http://kathleenclemonsphotography.com Sponsored by Lensbaby For all Skill Levels; Bring your camera and your Lensbaby lens; Borrow Lensbaby lenses
    5. Pre-conference session: "My Backyard - 3 C's Colorful, Creative, Conceptual" by Keynote speaker and Canon Explorer of Light Darell Gulin http://gulinphoto.com Sponsored by Canon "I travel the world but 40% of my sales always are things from my home/backyard photography."  For all Skill Levels
    6. Pre-conference Workshop: “Photograph Birds of Prey and Raptors” by Ken Hubbard (NY) www.kenhubbardphotograghy.com Sponsored by Tamron For all Skill Levels; Bring your Camera; Borrow Tamron lenses
    7. Pre-conference Workshop: Macro Water Droplet Workshop by Don Komarechka (Ontario, Canada) www.donkom.ca For all Skill Levels; Bring your Camera
    8. Pre-conference Workshop: “Portraits Unplugged: Natural Lighting Techniques with Models at Graffiti Wall” by Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis (MA) www.bobbilane.com Sponsored by Fuji. For all Skill Levels; Bring your camera
    9. Pre-conference: "From Capture to Print" by Jim LaSala (NJ) www.jimlasala.com Sponsored by Moab. For all Skill Levels; Bring your laptop, share a laptop or just come and follow along
    10. Pre-conference Workshop: “Light Painting Flowers and Still Lifes” by Jose Leiva (Maine) www.joseleivaphotography.com For all Skill Levels; Bring your Camera and Tripod
    11. Pre-conference Workshop: “Take Control of your Lightroom Workflow” by Rob Sylan (NH) www.sylvanworks.com Sponsored by Wacom For all Skill Levels; Bring your laptop, share a laptop or just come and follow along
    12. Pre-conference Workshop for intermediate levels: “Creative Editing Techniques in Lightroom” by Betty Wiley (Massachusetts) www.bettywileyphotography.com For intermediate to advanced skill levels; Bring your laptop, share a laptop or just come and follow along.
    13. Pre-conference Image Critiques (Read me)  One of the special opportunities available to attendees at the NECCC Summer Conference is a one-on-one evaluation of your photographs by an experienced, accomplished New England photographer. These critiques occur on Friday morning at the same time as the series of pre-conference workshops.
  • Conference Featured Speaker {KEYNOTE PRESENTATION} sponsored by Canon (Posted)
    • Canon is sponsoring Canon Explorer of Light Darell Gulin who will present "VISION: capturing moments on all 7 continents" as the Keynote program at the 73rd Annual NECCC Photo Conference July 2018
    • Come on a visual journey with Darrell Gulin as he presents "VISION: capturing moments on all 7 continents".  Darrell is one of Canon’s ‘Explorer of Light’ photographers, a title given to a select group of world-class photographers who are chosen to share their passion, photographs and expertise with the world. Traveling to All Seven Continents, Darrell will show photographs and tell us stories from all seven continents, and will tell how he captured these images. When traveling your vision develops first before you even leave your home by: research, who you are, developed style and developing style. Out in the field capturing the moment as you see it.  We will travel to all 7 Continents and show the Icons, moments, light, with Darrel's vision. Darrell has traveled the globe, from Antarctica and Africa to Asia and Europe, capturing rare and exquisite moments in nature, lions on the prowl, monkeys in hot springs, polar bears on ice flows, penguins and zebras plus the people and architecture with images from the Venice Carnival, the Great Wall of China, etc. 
  • Would you like to present at the 2019 NECCC annual photo conference? 
    • The conference has ~1000 attendees making NECCC a great place to present your photography at, sell your books and DVDs and/or educate photographers about your workshops. The New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) is a nonprofit umbrella group for camera clubs in the New England states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont). 
    • We are always looking for new programs with impact and energy. Send in your program idea here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/speakatNECCC
  •  Conference Schedule Click on the PDF or the EXCEL schedule (to be posted in May)
  • Special Sunday AM Event 
    • Cam Snappers Car Club (Sponsored by Hunts Photo and Video)
    • The Sunday morning event will be ten classic cars from The Cam Snappers Car Club (www.camsnappers.com).  Cam Snappers Car Club was established in 1952 and its motto is “We are the Good Old Days”. Cam Snappers are Hot Rod, Streetrod, and Custom Car, enthusiasts. 
  • Special Events (LOTS!)
      • Pre-registration required, see Reg form each limited to 20 participants
      • Run concurrent with 2pm program
      • PS1.  Special Character Model Photos Sessions
        • Photograph people in character (Cosplay, Steampunk, Renaissance, etc.) (Models Sponsored by Sigma) 
        • Constant Lighting Session led by Marc Farb (Sponsored by Sigma)
      • PS2. Special Character Model Photos Sessions
        • Photograph people in character (Cosplay, Steampunk, Renaissance, etc.)  (Models Sponsored by Sigma) 
        • Natural Light Session led by Jim LaSala (Sponsored by Maob)
      • PS3. Lifestyle Portraiture Photo Session 
        • Led by Tamara Lackey (Sponsored by Nikon, On1, Imagely)
      • PS4. Sony Photo Walk with Ira Block (Sponsored by Sony)
      • PS5. iPhone/SmartPhone Hands-on 
        • Led by Melissa Fraser & Charles Needle
      • PS6. Photography with Neutral Density Filters 
        • Led by Denise Silva & Geffrard Bourke 
        • Bring your own ND filter or borrow one from Hunts Photo and Video
      • Techniques for Real People Portraits (Demonstration)
        • with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis (Sponsored by Fujifilm) 
      • Light Painting a Car with Jose Leiva (Demonstration)
      • Interactive Sessions: Audience participation: Bring your Camera 
        • The Importance of Perspective with Cusi Taylor (Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix) 
        • Beyond the Snapshot with Colleen Miniuk-Sperry 
    • PHOTO-OPS (Lower Level of Campus Center) 
      • Chris Germain, MNEC and Barbara Rozavsky, HonNEC 
      • Main Room (CC169) may include glassware, black light, still life; Mylar reflections, underwater flowers and other subject matter. Bring your PC cord adaptor for electronic flash.
      • Special Sessions offered once throughout the weekend 
        • Curious Critters: Capture Your Own Animal Portraits
          • David FitzSimmons (Sponsored by Sigma) 
        • Photograph Raptors (Borrow a Tamron lens) 
        • (Friday 1-2pm only) (Sponsored by Tamron)
        • Snowflakes and Other Macro Setups Don Komarechka
        • Special Character Models (Sponsored by Sigma)
        • Table Top Abstract Photography Peggy Farren
        • Still Life Charles Batchelder 
        • Frozen Flowers Mo Devlin 
        • Photograph flowers Kathleen Clemons (Borrow a Lensbaby lens) (Sponsored by Lensbaby)
  • Video about the conference
  • Social media contest 
  • Photographic Loaner Equipment 

  • Photographic Trade Show 
    • The Vendor area Will open at 10am on Friday July 13th 
      • Hunts Photo and Video will open 2 hours early this year with great bargains and early bird specials.
      • Other Vendor’s Opening Times May Vary
      • More Than 30 Vendors with Great Products (Cash or Credit/Debit Cards Accepted)
      • Bring your used equipment to sell or trade-in
    • Canon, Fuji, Lensbaby, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Sony, Tamron  at Vendors’ Tables Located in Lower Level of the Campus Center 
  • Speaker and Conference Event Sponsors 
  • Door Prize Extravaganza 
    • Come to the conference and you may go home with a brand new camera or lens as well as many other great prizes from NECCC, our sponsors, and vendors. In the past five conferences, our attendees were the recipients of over $50,000 in our door prize extravaganza.  Full prize information will be listed by mid-June.

  • Model Photography Information
    • There will be monitored female model sets Saturday and Sunday. Indoors each photographer may photograph the model in three poses over a maximum time of two minutes. There will be different lighting set-ups in the model rooms on the lower level of the Campus Center. In the outdoor sets, also monitored but un-timed, the model will pose starting at one end of the group of photographers through to the end of the group and then start over. The model will make eye contact with each photographer and move to the next photographer. The locations will be at the pond, the Campus Center Concourse (under the hotel overhang-3rd floor) and at the church. 
    • 2018 Model Activities (for conference participants) 
    • Photographs of the models 

    • 2018 Model Photo Competition (to be posted one week after the conference) 
      • Photos for the Models Portfolios may be sent directly to the email addresses that will be posted with their photos on the Campus Center lower level next to the model room 176. For questions please email Chairman Skip Hoyt, MNEC at skiphoto@comcast.net 
    • Call for Models (information and requirements to be a model) 
    • 2018 Model Application (for prospective models) 
      • Video for models -- what to expect (for models) 
  • Digital Projected Image Competition (will open for entries May 1, 2018)

      • How to Enter
        • Rules 
        • Status
    • Print Competition