2016 CONF (archive)

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The 2016 conference is completed for this year. The attendance was 960 enthusiastic photographers. For a review of what was available at the conference please see the links below. Visit our 2017 conference page about mid January 2017 for information on the upcoming conference.


Our 71st Conference was held JULY 15, 16, 17 2016 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus. NECCC is very proud to announce that Art Wolfe, renowned photographer, will be our keynote speaker Saturday night (sponsored in part by Canon). He is best known for color images of wildlife, landscapes, and native cultures. His American Public TV series, Travels to the Edge, helps us learn current photography techniques and appreciate the beauty of our natural world

Please announce this at your clubs, post it on your websites and Facebook pages. Pass this on to other photo enthusiasts. Thank you.

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  • Conference Featured Speaker {KEYNOTE PRESENTATION(Posted)
    • Renowned photographer Art Wolfe, sponsored by Canon 
  • Photographic Loaner Equipment (see pdf for full details) (Posted)
    • Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Sony, and Tamron will have their top of the line equipment (cameras, and lenses) available for attendees to borrow. http://neccc14.neccc.org//2016_conf/NECCC2016_loaner-equipment
  • Current Conference Schedule (Posted, updated 6/17/16) 
    • Click on the PDF or the EXCEL schedule
  • Model Photography Information

    • Photos for the Models portfolios may be sent directly to the email addresses that will be posted with their photos on the Campus Center lower level next to model room 176. For questions please email Chairman Skip Hoyt, MNEC at skiphoto@comcast.net   
    • For Models

    • Digital Projected Image Competition
    • Sigma Showcase Contest (Posted, see pdf) 
      • Contest opens mid-June for all paid registrants. You may enter one open category digital image sized 1024x768. Contest opens mid-June; email will be sent to each registered attendee with link to the online contest, entry instructions, and additional details. This contest is in addition to the regular conference competition. Judged by Sigma representatives, the images of the 40 finalists and the first and second place winners will be shown at the Sigma table in the vendor area. Sigma lenses will go to the first and second place winners. NECCC thanks Sigma for their support and sponsorship of this conference.
    • Speakers' Notes (paid attendees were eamiled the link to the notes)